Welcome to Arawali Industrial Lining

Arawali is one of the leading professional manufacturer of process equipments from various industrial plastics like FRP, FRB, FRV, PVC, PP, PPH etc and also from combination of thermosetting and thermosplastics like PVC/FRP, PPH/FRP, PP/ FRP.

Arawali has excellent infrastructure to conceptualize, design and execute small to large projects in the field of fiber glass Reinfrced Plastics (FRP) & Thermoplastics Meeting the requirements of various industries.

ARAWALI Fiberglass FRP duct is filament wound with glass and resins selected for the application. The duct is manufactured to comply with recognized industry standards and can be customized to your exact specifications.


Arawali one of the largest chemical process equipments manufacturer of this kind in India, Supplies High Performance Tanks to many industries in India & Abroad.